Custom Gunsmith in NC

gunsmithingPrecision Rifle & Tool is the premier North Carolina custom gunsmith, specializing in custom rifles.  Unlike other custom gunsmiths that work on all types of guns, Precision Rifle & Tool focuses on custom rifles,  accurate rifles that are both beautiful and functional.


If you want a gun that will help you win championships, then you should trust the gunsmiths at Precision Rifle.  Precision is the goal of Precision Rifle gunsmiths, and  our gunsmiths have many years of real-world experience building custom rifles that win competitions throughout North Carolina and across the United States. Don’t trust your custom rifles to a mediocre gunsmith, use the expert gunsmiths at Precision Rifle.

Precision Rifle & Tool offers the following metalworking services
General Services

Description Price
Minimum Charge Per Gun $50.00
Hourly Rate $60.00
Man and Machine (All Pricing Subject to Change Without Notice) $75.00
Install- Thread – Chamber – and Crown new pre-contoured barrel $250.00 and up
Customer Furnished Barrel $300.00 and up

(Additional Charge for claw extractor cut)


Install and Headspace Chambered Barrel

$275.00 and up

(Additional Charge for claw extractor cut)


Cut and Crown Barrel


Check Headspace


Make Chamber Cast


Remove Live Round From Chamber

$ Hourly Rate

Barrel Fluting with 6 flutes


– additional flutes


Lap In Bolt Lugs


Square Receiver and Bolt for (Remington | Winchester actions)

$125.00 and up

Install Badger Ordnance bolt handle


Thread Bolt Handle and Install Bolt Knob


Modify Bolt Action Extractor and Spring


Install Muzzle Brake or suppressor threads (Single point Grade 3A threads using a lathe – timing is additional cost)

$85.00 and up

Install Safety


Install New After Market Triggers (single or 2 stage trigger in bolt action rifle)


Install Sako Extractor

$135.00 +

Extractor M-1 and M-14 – Remove old barrel and install new short chambered barrel – headspace and re-time


NM flash hider on M-14


Adjust Factory triggers – Remington – Winchester or etc.


Remington 700 Custom Gunsmithing & Enhancements

With your Remington 700 Sendero, Varmint or PSS rifle we will:

  • Replace old barrel with new Stainless Steel match grade barrel of the same contour. Chamber with any standard Short or Long action case. (Ultra mags & STW’s extra) Crown and install with -.000/+.001 headspace. Matte finish on natural stainless steel finish.
  • Square and true action, bolt face, bolt nose, bolt lugs. Lap bolt lugs into lug seats. Surface grind recoil lug flat and parallel.
  • Epoxy bed barreled action, clear bolt handle and float barrel
  • Replace old factory trigger with new Jewell trigger set to customer requested pull weight.

Total: $1550.00


  • Cera-coat or Teflon barreled action and bottom metal one (1) color. Includes choice of : (Teflon Black only) Graphite black, OD green & Coyote $275.00
  • Cera-coat entire weapon (not scope) one color. $335.00
  • Cera-coat 2 or more colors add $150.00 for each additional color Camo patterns POR
  • Ultra Mag, STW and Weatherby chambers add $50.00
  • Re-drill and tap action scope base holes to 8-40 tpi. Drill base to accommodate 8-40 screws. Furnish 8-40 screws. $125.00
  • Sako extractor and installation. $140.00
  • Flute Barrel x 6 flutes $175.00
  • Spiral flute Bolt $125.00
  • Open barrel channel for larger diameter barrel taper and seal. $60.00
  • Change stock to accommodate Badger Ordnance detachable magazine. $140.00

Please Note: We reserve the right to change pricing at any time without notice. Prices shown may not reflect current pricing. Not including NC Sales Tax or Shipping. 50% non-refundable deposit required.


We will build your custom rifle with all parts supplied by you

Due to supply constraints, no quality wood stocks are available at this time.

  • Starting price for a simple build $1,000.00
  • Complex custom rifle builds using synthetic stocks $1,660.00
  • All parts supplied must be correct for the project you wish to complete. If there any omitted parts or parts which do not fit correctly for the job you wish to have done there will be additional charges applied, at current shop rates.